United States | 2017 | 89 minutes *Italian with English subtitles



(Pronounced “speh-TAK-ō-lō” – think of the English word “spectacular”)
An Italian word for performance, spectacle, or play.


Lunenburg Doc Fest is pleased to present the Atlantic Canadian premiere of SPETTACOLO during the fourth annual festival in September.

SPETTACOLO is directed by award-winning filmmakers Jeff Malmberg and Chris Shellen. Over five years, they immersed themselves in the culture, learned Italian and made themselves a home in the center of Monticchiello.

Once upon a time, villagers in a tiny hill town in Tuscany came up with a remarkable way to confront their issues – they turned their lives into a play. Every summer, their piazza became their stage and villagers of all ages played a part – the role of themselves.

While neighboring villages turned to tourism for survival, Monticchielloʼs
annual tradition kept the town together for 50 years, preserved in time.

Every issue the villagers have faced in their history – their near annihilation by Nazis, the womenʼs movement, the struggles of the townʼs independent farmers, the commercialization of their land – every major event has been debated and dramatized by the villagers in the center of town.

The filmmakers reflect on their experience, and what they hope the viewers will take from the film: “Our real hope with this film is that it’s able to pull us all out of our mad scramble into the future and – if even for just 90 minutes – remind us of the value of culture, genuine community engagement, and everything else we’re leaving behind as we all move forward.”

The full program and diverse lineup of relevant documentaries and special events will be announced over the coming weeks. Passes to the fourth annual Lunenburg Doc Fest are now on sale HERE

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