To visitors, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, rich in colourful architecture, quaint shops and tallships.  But what don’t the tourists know?  This documentary reveals the untold story of a complex community, forever caught between cultures and time, shaped by the Atlantic Ocean and the waves of peoples who have come to Lunenburg in search of a better life.

Seniors 55 and up participated in a free workshop in which they created a feature length documentary exploring the “Art of the Interview.” Eight novice filmmakers were introduced to the basic elements of shooting and editing, and techniques of interviewing and documentary styles from the experts.

This year, they worked together and made a feature titled “Wave Upon Wave: A Lunenburg Hodge Podge”.


Donna Foulkes, David Friendly, Dorothy Greenidge, Will Hallam, Theresa Heffler, Fern Jordan, Teresa Quilty, and Rick Wilcosh.


Yvonne Mosley is a veteran of multi-media and special event production with over 40-years’ experience in film, television, stage and print. Using a variety of mediums from music to video much of Yvonne’s work of the past 20 years has focused on telling the often untold human stories specific to Maritime Canada, Canada’s Veterans, First Nations and French Canada. Her recurring objective is to develop and facilitate projects that promote cultural understanding and interaction.

Dawn Harwood-Jones is highly experienced in video production. After working 20 years as a CBC television producer she co-founded Pink Dog Productions. Pink Dog has produced hundreds of videos, for provincial and federal governments, business’, charities, and arts organizations. Recently Dawn has started teaching video production to people of all ages using smartphones.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.