Youth Program

Experimenting with the Bluenose

Unconventional Approaches to a Legendary Icon

Source: Len Wagg

DATES  (subject to change)

July 12 – 16  —  10:30am-Noon (online)
July 19 – 21  —  10am – 5pm (filming onsite*)
July 22 – 23  —  10am – 5pm (film production*)

* All Covid protocols within the Health Protection Act Order and public health directives will be in place throughout the workshop series.


Experimenting with the Bluenose:
Unconventional Approaches to a Legendary Icon

Combining online and (hopefully!) in-person sessions, workshop participants will brainstorm and create a series of short innovative documentaries relating to the Bluenose. Students will explore creative and personal audio-visual approaches to the famed schooner on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

Workshop facilitator Ariella Pahlke is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with over 25 years experience creating short and long documentaries, media art, and collaborative projects. Ariella has taught in many contexts including at schools, NSCAD, and in conjunction with a variety of community groups.

This workshop will be responsive to COVID restrictions, comfort levels, and scheduling needs of the participants.

Lunenburg Doc Fest acknowledges the support of Bluenose 100