chrisLunenburg Doc Fest extends a heartfelt welcome to award-winning cinematographer Christopher Ball csc as Festival Advisor. We appreciate Christopher’s advice and support and are especially grateful for his technical expertise.

Christopher began his film career at the age of nine when he discovered a home movie camera in his parent’s attic. Several thousand feet of film and fourteen years later, he graduated from Ryerson Polytechnical University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree. Since then, his work as a Cinematographer and Camera Operator has taken him to Europe, the Caribbean and across Canada and he has developed a specialty for Arctic, adventure and aerial photography. Christopher has shot eight theatrical feature films and one which he shot and co-produced. He has also worked as a cinematographer, producer, assistant director and director on award winning dramas, TV series, documentaries, commercials, short films and music videos. Christopher’s body of work has toured numerous festivals, aired on HBO, TMN, CBC, VISION TV and several foreign broadcasters and played in theatres worldwide. Awards for Christopher’s work include:

  • Gemini Nomination for Best Photography in a Documentary for “Diet of Souls”
  • The William F. White Cinematography Award 22nd Atlantic Film Festival for “Quality Viewing”
  • The William F. White Cinematography Award 24th Atlantic Film Festival for “Diet of Souls”
  • The William F. White Cinematography Award 27th Atlantic Film Festival for “Fid”
  • The William F. White Cinematography Award 29th Atlantic Film Festival for “Four Feet Up”
  • Ed Higginson Cinematography Award 31st Atlantic Film Festival for “Charlie Zone”
  • Best Cinematography New York Independent Film Festival for the feature, “Black Swan”
  • The Cinematography Award New York Independent Film and Video Festival for the Arctic documentary “Nuliajuk, Mother of the Sea Beasts”, DOP Robert MacDonald csc; 2nd Unit DP Christopher Ball csc.
  • The Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards, nomination for “Quality Viewing”
  • Best Music Video for “Watchmaker”, Silver Wave Film Festival

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