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Wild Prairie Man is an intimate look at the life of a man enthralled with the exotic and endangered lands of Grasslands National Park.

Located in the Northern Great Plains of Canada, Grasslands has been a 20 year odyssey for wildlife photographer James R. Page.

For James, critters are more interesting than people and in this documentary he shares some of his iconic images and experiences from this endangered ecosystem.

2022 | Canada | 54 mins


George Tsougrianis, Director

In his latest work, Wild Prairie Man, George Tsougrianis takes on his most physically challenging project yet, running up and down hills, quietly stalking wildlife for long distances, working in extreme heat and extreme cold. George immersed himself in the wild habitat of Grasslands National Park for over a year capturing some never before scenes in the Wild Prairie.

Over the years, George has tried to select unique projects that challenge him as an artist. Projects like Matt’s Story about a family’s struggle with suicide or the 25-year tale of how the largest T.rex in the world was discovered. Both are compelling stories that illustrate the adversity normal people are capable of overcoming.