The Grenadines are a small group of islands in the Lesser Antilles where the traditions of boatbuilding were once crucial to the survival of local communities skimming a living from the sea. Hundreds of sailing vessels were once launched here, more than anywhere in the West Indies.

Alwyn Enoe is one of the last wooden boatbuilders in the village of Windward, Carriacou. To keep the tradition alive, he decides to create a final vessel with his sons before the skills introduced by Scottish ancestors are lost forever.


“If this thing gone from here, everything gone, you know.”

– Alwyn Enoe


Featuring striking cinematography, rare archival footage, interviews with Caribbean sea captains, exciting sailing and subjects relating to our own regions’s history and industry, Vanishing Sail is sure to entertain and capture the attention of all who have an interest in boatbuilding, sailing, sustainable community, and maritime history.