Saturday, September 22, 2018

Lunenburg Opera House



In a vitally important and overlooked subject, THE GUARDIANS exposes allegations of corruption within the Nevada Guardianship and Family Court System’s involvement in the legal kidnapping of elderly people. The film shines a light on a lucrative industry and criminal enterprise that trades the elderly as commodities. Victims and their families are caught in a web spun by a system that has allowed professional for-profit guardians, using court orders, to take control over individuals’ healthcare and financial decisions under the color of law in order to steal their estate.

In an unfolding saga that reaches to the top level of government, growing communities of Las Vegas Clark county victims come together to bring the corrupt cabal of judges, lawyers, court clerks, doctors, and nursing home employees to justice.  What the documentary exposes in this revealing investigation is how many people are involved in a systemic conspiracy against the most vulnerable members of our society.

2018 / CANADA / 104 MIN


Billie Mintz, Director, Writer, Producer

Billie’s life is a series of wild tales that are mostly true. An award-winning documentary filmmaker, he is a certified Reiki healer, an ordained minister of deliverance, and trained in shamanism by an old Incan medicine man from Peru. Serving two seasons as National Geographic’s correspondent and director for the show Explorer, featured on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, and the first civilian to screen his film and debrief the FBI on an issue they knew little about, Billie is a long-time advocate for social justice and believes in the power of story to raise consciousness and inspire policy change.