SpiderMable — A Real Life Superhero Story



Tragedy strikes, a superpower is revealed, and the hero must come to terms with their new abilities; a story arc of great comic book heroes. It’s also the real-life journey of a selfless 6-year-old cancer patient’s desire to help others.

SpiderMable — A Real Life Superhero Story is a feature-length documentary following the life of young Mable Tooke, who started her cancer battle so very early at the age of 4. In most cases that trauma and toxic treatment would serve to damage a child and make them weak, reclusive, resentful, or even worse, cause them to parish.

But for Mable, her battle brought about a need to create an alter-ego determined to fight her biggest villain … Leukemia.

2020 / Canada / 106 mins


Kelly Wolfert, Writer, Director

Kelly Wolfert is an award-winning producer, writer, cinematographer, and director. With 30 years of industry experience on international documentary and promotional projects, Kelly has told stories from Japan, China, Russia, Chile, Peru, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Australia … just to name a few. That travel has lead Kelly to meet so many different kinds of people and what he has learned most about storytelling is … to just listen. It’s listening and observing what’s around us … what makes us tick … that is where we find creative, relevant, and engaging ideas. People will be honest and vulnerable if they are being heard and that is when human truths reveal great stories.