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Carolina returns to Costa Rica to try to rebuild the relationship with her father. After a few months, her father is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At that moment, Carolina meets Ifigenia, an archaeologist expert in the stone spheres found in the south of Costa Rica; the country’s great enigma. She decides to follow Ifigenia’s journey through an erased indigenous history. Through objects and their stories, Carolina learns a different way to relate to death.

2021 • COSTA RICA • 70 min


Carolina Arias Ortiz, Director

Carolina Arias Ortiz was born in Costa Rica, in 1987. At age 12, she migrated with her mother and sister to Brussels, Belgium. Her interest in understanding cultural differences led her to study anthropology, while her fascination with observing and listening to others piqued her interest in exploring cinema and audiovisual language. In 2010 she moved to Barcelona to study documentary film production, after which she returned to Latin America to work with various indigenous territories and women’s organizations. She currently lives in Costa Rica where she is working on her PhD in film and anthropology. She teaches courses in these subjects while developing documentary projects with her production company.