The third Seniors Workshop was an exciting opportunity for adults 55+ to get comfortable behind the camera and shine a light on an important issue affecting our community!

Participants learned  filmmaking techniques from professional mentors through discussions, research, interviews with stakeholders and experts, plus classroom work to explore the impact of Lyme disease on Lunenburg County.

A Q&A with workshop participants will take place immediately after the screening. A separate discussion about Lyme Disease prevention will follow.  See details below.

FACES OF LYME: Ambivalence & Controversy

2019, Canada, 60 mins

FREE-ADMISSION:  Saturday, Sept 22 at 11:30am

Lunenburg Opera House

Shot almost exclusively on cell phones by neophyte filmmakers, “Faces of Lyme: Ambivalence & Controversy” gives a voice to those who struggle getting a diagnosis and treatment for Lyme disease. By sharing their own, often difficult Lyme stories, the men, women and children interviewed for the film hope their experiences will help others suffering from Lyme disease. As a spin off, the filmmakers hope the documentary raises awareness of how the medical system and the community at large are struggling with this disease.


Helen Lanthier, Harvey Heinrich, Mike Martino, GG Geddes, Jill Martin, Barb Carthew, Letisha McFall, Andrea Swinamer, Sharon Cranston,Katherine McCarron, Karen Runge who were mentored and guided by Documentary masters Yvonne Mosley and Dawn-Hardwood Jones.


Dawn Harwood-Jones

Dawn Harwood-Jones is highly experienced in video production. After working 20 years as a CBC television producer she co-founded Pink Dog Productions. Pink Dog has produced hundreds of videos, for provincial and federal governments, business’, charities, and arts organizations. Recently Dawn has started teaching video production to people of all ages using smart phones.

Yvonne Mosley

Yvonne is a veteran of multi-media and special event production with over 40-years experience in film, television, stage and print. Using a variety of mediums from music to video much of Yvonne’s work of the past 20 years has focused on telling the often untold human stories specific to Maritime Canada, Canada’s Veterans, First Nations and French Canada. Her recurring objective is to develop and facilitate projects that promote cultural understanding and interaction.

Post-screening discussion:

Lyme Disease education and prevention are key. A vaccine is years away and may not protect us from the several co-infections carried by the ticks, many just as serious as Lyme disease. Rob Murray of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation and the Lunenburg Lyme Association will be available to discuss and demonstrate key prevention strategies.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program

The opinions and interpretations in this video are those of Lunenburg Doc Fest Seniors Program and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.


11:30am Sunday, September 22, 2019 Lunenburg Opera House