Lunenburg Doc Fest is proud to present the Doing It My Way shorts program.

The Doing It My Way lineup is:


Madame Dishrags

Director: Carmen Pollard

A portrait of The Dishrags—Western Canada’s first all-girl punk band.

The Flow Effect

Director: Lachlan Henry

Diving down into the vast beauty of the ocean, young Freediver, Olivia Rose reveals the magic and tranquility of the underwater world, and her amazing capacity to reach seemingly unreachable depths – an ability that lies within all of us.

The Lawnmower Men

Director: Brendan Cleaves

Every year in a field in West Sussex, the worlds most extreme endurance motorsport race takes place, on Lawnmowers.

I'm Not Bad Luck: The True Story of Kesz Valdez

Directors: Marcos Negrao, Johanna Schnell

Against all the odds, a 5-year-old homeless boy goes on a mission to improve the lives of fellow street kids.

Sonya Slidez

Director: Abbey Spacil

This short documentary profiles Time Attack racer Sonya Klaus, a young nurse with a need for speed, as she competes in the final round of the 2019 Nissan Challenge.

My Father The Mover

Director: Julia Jansch

Alatha’s father calls himself a Mover. Using African dance moves, he helps kids in Khayelitsha township to transcend their hardship (drugs, poverty and abuse) and “find their superpowers.” The Mover is also a single father. And while he has helped many kids, he still has difficulty getting his own daughter to find her own powers. But in a tender moment together, this is all about to change.

The Other Side — Mountain Climber

Director: Rajeev Thottippully

Martin a sales manager, lost one hand in a motor bike accident. However this doesn’t stops him going up. Always working on attaining physical and mental strength, Martin climbed up to the highest peaks.

On Falling

Director: Josephine Anderson

In a meditation on the limits of the body and the mind, three young women (Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, Miranda Miller, Brittany Phelan) muse on their experiences as professional mountain bikers.