Bluefin is a tale of epic stakes set in North Lake, Prince Edward Island, known as the “tuna capital of the world.” Local fishermen swear the spectacular Atlantic bluefin tuna are so plentiful here they literally eat out of people’s hands. But many scientists contend the species is on the brink of collapse. Can both claims be true? John Hopkins documents this baffling mystery in a film filled with stunning cinematography. Astonished fishermen and scientists offer conflicting explanations for the bluefin’s puzzling behaviour and contend that the local abundance of this species could be short-lived, as scientific assessments indicate tuna stocks are down by 90 percent.

Hopkins brings the issues to light and into sharp focus. How much of the oceans’ wildlife should we fish, and how much must we conserve? At the heart of the documentary lies a passionate concern about the giant mature bluefin, the key to replenishing the decimated stocks of the largest tuna species in the world.

53 min/ Canada/ 2016




7:00pm Friday, September 23, 2016 Lunenburg Opera House