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The most quintessentially British working-class filmmaking club, Bradford Movie Makers’ members grow old amid flickering memories and the brutal reckoning of their final years. Desperately clinging to their dreams, and to each other, fueled by endless cups of tea, this quietly hilarious, profoundly moving portrait of shared artistic folly speaks to the delusional escapist dreamer in us all and to the need to spend time together face to face in an increasingly lonely, digital age.

2022 | United Kingdom | 95 mins


Kim Hopkins, Director & Producer

Kim is a graduate of the NFTS, UK. Kim helped form the Documentary Department at EICTV, Cuba. Kim spent a decade making television before co-founding Labor of Love Films, a UK-based independent production company specialising in feature documentaries. Kim’s broadcast credits include: BBC1,2,4, World, C4, A+E, WDR, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NRK1.