Lunenburg Doc Fest would like our fellow film enthusiasts to know about an upcoming screening of I Am Not A Rock Star hosted by the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance.

Made over a span of eight years – following the classical phenom from 12-20 – Hart’s film amounts to a front row seat in the unfolding of a life and the forming of a personality. Shot in verité  style in concert halls, hotels and airports around the world – and featuring stunning piano performances – the film turns Bournaki’s life into a visual narrative, revealing both the rewards and costs of a life dedicated to music.

I Am Not A Rock Star gives viewers a rare and candid look inside the world of classical music – a world that demands an elusive alchemy of sacrifice, talent and serendipity. As Marika seeks her place and identity in this world, we witness her conflict-ridden evolution from child to adult.

Marika Bournaki will be on hand for the screening, taking place at the Lunenburg Academy, 97 Kaulbach Street on Friday, June 5th at 7:30 pm. Admission is $5.

Enjoy the show!