How-to-Watch Guide & FAQs

Q: What if I don’t remember my Eventive password?

A: Click the button below to reset your password on the Eventive website.

  1. Open the ‘reset password’ button included in the email
  2. This opens an Eventive webpage where you will need to enter a new password (remember this!)
  3. Once successful, a ‘RETURN TO LOGIN’ button will appear on the screen. Click that button.
  4. The Eventive log-in page will appear. Enter your email address and enter your new password.
  5. You will then be logged into your Eventive account




Starting on September 23, you can “unlock” any virtual screening listed under Virtual Festival that is viewable in your region September 23-28.

Click on a film in the Film Guide to see the viewing region.

Regions include:

•  Atlantic Canada (NS, NB, PEI, NL)
•  Canada
•  Canada & USA
•  North America

All screening and livestream events you unlock will be automatically linked to your Eventive account. (If you do not have an Eventive account, you will be asked to create one when you acquire a pass.)

After you unlock a program, please note the remaining time to complete viewing the screening. Films are available for a limited time and with limited capacity. 



• Head to our virtual film festival website page:

• Hit “Buy Passes”

• Select your preferred pass. You will need to create an Eventive account if you have not already done so. You will receive an email confirmation once you have placed your order.


• Login to your Eventive account here:

• View your pass(es) by clicking the “My passes” icon in the upper right corner

• If you see “Details Needed” in red next to your pass, click “Edit Details” to fill in your information

• Once your pass information has been entered, you can begin selecting films: Click the “Film Guide” icon in the upper right corner to browse films.

• To select a film click a film poster image, “Select A Showing” and the pop up box, and click “Pre-order now.”


If you have multiple passes in your account, you can assign them to different people. Log into your Eventive account, click “My Passes” from the menu. Click the gear icon (⚙) to the right and click “Transfer Pass.” Enter the email information of the recipient and submit the form. They will receive an email with a link that will allow them to accept the pass, at which point it will be added to their account and disappear from yours.  The recipient will then need to follow the steps in order to activate their own Eventive account.



  • Head to
  • Use the rainbow coloured tags to sort by category.
  • Choose the film you want to watch.
  • Click ‘select a showing’ to choose your showing time
  • Then click ‘order tickets’ 
  • Here you will be prompted to log in to or create your Eventive account 
  • Once completed, enter your payment method of choice
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox which includes a print off of your ticket.
  • Please have copy ready (digital or printed) when you come to your showing. 



  • Head to
  • Use the rainbow coloured tags to sort by category.
  • Choose the film you want to watch.
  • Click ‘select a showing’ to choose your showing time 
  • Choose the virtual screening option to be taken to our Online Festival Page
  • Click ‘pre-order now’
  • Here you will be prompted to log in to or create your Eventive account 
  • Once completed, enter your payment method of choice
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.



You can watch content on PCs running Windows 7+, and Intel-based Macs running macOS 10.12+. You can also watch films on Android tablets and phones using Chrome, and on iPhones and iPads using Safari.

If you have an Apple TV, Fire TV or Roku device, you can use our dedicated apps for these platforms. If you have a Chromecast, you can cast to it from Chrome on your computer or Android phone. Detailed instructions are below.

*Available only for Apple TV models Generation 4 and higher.

  • Launch the App Store from your Apple TV device.
  • Search for the app Eventive TV and install the app.
  • Here’s how to download apps from the App Store to your Apple TV.
  • Once the app is installed, it will ask you for a code to connect to your Eventive account.
  • Navigate your computer to and log in at the upper right-hand corner.
  • From the same menu in the upper right-hand corner, select TV app setup and enter the code from your Apple TV device.
  • You must first unlock programs on your computer, tablet or Smartphone to be able to watch them on your Apple TV.


  • Make sure your devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop, Apple TV or Smart TV) are connected to the same wifi network.
  • Using the Safari browser on your Apple computer, iPhone or iPad, go to the AirPlay icon.
  • Connect to your Apple TV by entering the code. Your device screen should appear as a mirror on your TV.
  • If you are having audio sync issues when AirPlaying from your computer, try connecting from an iPhone or iPad.
  • If you are trying to AirPlay to a Smart TV, you must first select the program you want to watch from your Apple device and then select the AirPlay button from within the Eventive player.
  • Still having trouble? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use AirPlay.


Stream directly from a tab in the Chrome internet browser to a TV connected to a Chromecast device from your Mac or PC computer. Chromecast can be used to cast from Apple iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad by downloading the Google Home App.

Once your Chromecast is set up you can stream directly from your computer.

  • On the video page, open the Chrome menu in the upper right corner of the window (or the View menu) and select Cast. Make sure the tab you want to be displayed is the one you are selecting to cast.
  • Select your Chromecast source (consider selecting Chrome tab) and your Chromecast destination. Chromecast will then be connected and video will play on your TV.
  • To disconnect from Chromecast, click the blue Stop icon next to your casting destination.
  • If there are any issues with the Chromecast stream, try setting the video to a lower quality.
  • Still having trouble? Here’s a guide on how to use Chromecast from your computer.



Q.  Will films be available to viewers outside Atlantic Canada? 

A:  Each film at LDF 2021 is available in one of three viewing regions.

1) Atlantic Canada (NS, NB, PE, NL)
2) Canada
3) Canada & USA

Be sure to check each film’s listed Viewing Region to see what’s available in your area!

Q. What happens if I need technical support during the festival?

A: Our virtual festival platform, Eventive, offers live chat support to help you through any issues should they arise. Get live chat support at

Q.  How long will the films be available to stream?

A:  Some films will be available for the duration of the festival, others will have a specific screening time and a three-hour “watch window” for you to complete the film once you click play. Stay tuned for watch window details in our next newsletter.

Q:  How do I access the festival?

A:  Eventive automatically emails your pass or ticket confirmation to your email.  Please save the email for your reference. You will also receive a reminder email ahead of each film screening you have pre-ordered.

Q:  What if I don’t remember my Eventive password?

A:  You can reset your password here:

Q:  What affects image quality of the films?

A:  The player auto-adjusts to internet speed. Your internet speed may change depending on how many other users are on your home network, the time of day, etc. If your internet connection is inconsistent you may experience playback problems. If on wifi, try moving closer to your router to improve the connection.

Q:  Can I watch content on my iPhone or iPad?

A:  Yes, you can watch content using Safari on iOS 11.2 or later — check to ensure you’re on wifi first!

Q:  Are some films only viewable at the scheduled program time?  

A:  Some films are one-time screenings. A list will be provided.

Q:  How do I watch a livestream Filmmaker Q&A? 

A:   Go to the livestream page ( for the schedule of livestreams and to enter livestreams when they are active. Look for the countdown clock on upcoming livestreams to see how long until they’re live.

Q: How do I take part in a post-screening filmmaker Q&A?

A: Viewers can ask questions using the Eventive chat system that’s available while viewing Q&As on your laptop or PC. Click the chat icon at the bottom of your screen while viewing a Q&A and type your question into the bar on the right. Our team will select questions from the chat and pass them on to the filmmakers.

Q. Where can I find a list of the films I’ve ‘unlocked’?

A: After you Pre-Order or ‘Unlock’ the screenings you want to watch, go to to see the full list of films you selected.

Q: What’s the best way to connect my laptop to my TV?

A: For best results, connect your laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable.

USERS WITH iPADS: We are finding connections can sometimes be troublesome between iPads and TV and therefore encourage the laptop/TV connection via HDMI option.

For other helpful tips go to